“The Prophecy of the The Seeress” will be screened in the UK twice in September at the:

  •  Jung/Lacan Conference at St. John’s College, Cambridge on September 12–14.
  •  Jung Forum in London on Thursday evening, September 25.

The Jung Forum screening is open the to the public.  So please feel free to forward the FLYER to your friends in London.


Exciting News about the British Jungian Analytic Association!


The Prophecy will be screened on August 22nd in Copenhagen, Denmark at the International Congress of Jungian Analysts.


Laurie was interviewed by Geoff Brady on “Jung’s Concept of the ‘Shadow'”, on his show “The Other News” broadcast on WBAI 99.5 FM. Listen to the show here:


JULY 2013

The Prophecy of the Seeress has been accepted into the Awareness Film Festival in Santa Monica, California:

The mission of Awareness is to open eyes to some of our world’s most pressing issues: Ecological, Political, Health & Well Being, and the Spirit.

The Festival was created by Heal One World, dedicated to help connect people in need — particularly children and adults with chronic illnesses — with accessible and preventative health care.

The Prophecy
will be screened at the Promenade Playhouse on July 28th at 6 pm. Go here to buy tickets and find out more:


MAY 2013

The Prophecy of the Seeress will be screened by New York Women in Film and Television at the Anthology Film Archives on Tuesday May 28 at 7 pm.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A, and there will be an after-party at a nearby pub.

Follow this link for more information:



MARCH 2013

Review from Bulletin (Analytical Psychology Club of New York)
March, 2013
Prophecy of the Seeress
A Film by Laurie Schapira

Reviewed by William F Briel, PhD

This is the kind of film that affects you deeply, but in ways you don’t quite understand.  This is partly because it is so well made.  It is beautifully photographed.  The camera lingers on starkly beautiful landscape in Iceland, creating a mood of primordial times, as the Seeress recounts an Old Norse myth of the creation of the world and of its destruction.  The film affects us also because these myths are part of our cultural unconscious.  The Vikings, in their longboats, visited many parts of Europe and settled in some of them.  The Normans who invaded England in 1066, and had such a profound effect on English culture, where originally Vikings, “north men.”  Earlier, England had been ruled briefly by the Norse during the “Danelaw.”

The film is based on “Voluspa,” an ancient Viking Saga which is part of the Norse Edda.  ‘Voluspa’ is Old Norse for ‘Prophecy of the Seeress.’  The film moves back and forth between a mythic seeress reciting a version of the Voluspa, and events in modern day Reykjavík in September of 2008.  The recitation of the myth provides the archetypal background for the events.  Part of the Voluspa is a recounting of the future events referred to as the Ragnarök, in which a great battle occurs and a number of the Norse gods will be killed, including Odin, who has had a major hand in the creating of the world.  This apocalyptic story provides the background for events in Reykjavík in September of 2008 when corporate Vikings (“Utrasarvikingar”) plunder the banks in Iceland, and the nation’s economy teeters on the brink of collapse.

The film opens with a helicopter landing, bringing a corporate CEO to Reykjavík.  Before rushing off to a meeting to deal with the crisis, he drives to the house of a modern day seeress, seeking understanding of what is happening.  She spreads a deck of tarot cards out on the table and asks the CEO to pick 10 of them.  Her interpretation of the cards touches off reminiscences of mythical events, and we are presented with Odin visiting a mythical seeress, seeking understanding of events, in parallel with the CEO consulting the modern seeress.  The same actor plays Odin and the CEO, and the same actress plays the modern and the mythical seeresses.  Odin has lost one of his eyes, voluntarily sacrificing it in order to attain more knowledge and power, implying that the CEO has sacrificed his vision in pursuit of the same ends.  During the tarot reading we do not see the eyes of the CEO.  They are hidden behind the dark glasses he is wearing.  The seeress is trying to read his eyes and asks him to take the glasses off, but he demurs.  He is uncomfortable during the visit, fidgeting, as was Odin during his visit, uncomfortable at being dependent on feminine wisdom.

Just as Odin dies in the events of the Ragnarök, so the modern CEO, rushing off prematurely from the tarot reading to his meeting, suffers a heart attack on the way to his car and dies.  Just as in the myth, it is fated that the modern man who has created the world we live in must die.  The CEO rushes off with one tarot card yet to be interpreted.  After he leaves the seeress turns it over.  It is Death.

Odin has committed certain offenses, and these appear to have led to his undoing.  A competition took place between Odin and the mythical seeress to see who had the best second sight.  The seeress won.  “She turned to face you, and saw into your innermost heart, your heart of darkness.  She spoke the truth you did not want to hear.”  Angry, Odin ran her through with a spear and tried to burn her three times, but she survived and even became stronger.  The seeress says “how could you, Odin, a guest in your own home?”  In retaliation Odin gave away the beautiful goddess Freya to the Frost Giants when they offered to rebuild Asgarth, the home of the gods.  The seeress confronts him.  “She was not yours to give.”  “Did you envy Freya’s bounty?  She was beloved, not feared, like you, by humankind.  Or was it because she knows who you are?”   We would say Odin feared feminine power and tried to control it, offending its autonomy.  The film suggests analogues of these offenses with modern images of war and environmental destruction.



THE PROPHECY OF THE SEERESS will have its New York premiere screening at Scandinavia House on November 5th at 6:30pm.  All proceeds will go to benefit the Jung Center Building Fund.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT US AT The Jung Institute of New York.


Distributor CTC Communications took The Prophecy to the National Media Market and MIPCOM in October and will go to NATPE in January.  DVD’s are available for purchase on the CTC website, or call directly at 800.876.CHIP.


The Prophecy was screened at the Reykjavik Film Festival on September 29 and October 3.  It was very well received.  Laurie describes her experience of both the Q&A and the Masterclass she was invited to present.  To read her Perspective-2012 in full, click here.



THE PROPHECY OF THE SEERESS has been picked up for distribution by Chip Taylor Communications. CTC has distributed over 500 high-quality educational and dramatic productions for film and broadcast, and we are thrilled to partner with Chip and his team.

To order copies of The Prophecy, please call toll-free 800.876.CHIP (2447).



JULY 2012

THE PROPHECY OF THE SEERESS has been accepted into Reykjavik International Film Festival!  RIFF is a unique festival that truly supports and encourages innovative films and emerging filmmakers from all over the world. From organizing networking events to creating exciting exhibits and unique screenings,  RIFF has built a large international festival which retains a charming intimacy. Over 11 days, attendees will be able to meet “big names” in film, along with up and coming artists.

We look forward to joining our cast and crew for the international premiere of The Prophecy of the Seeress and hope you will join us from September 29 – October 6, 2012!